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Come To Where I’m From



In its pursuit of unearthing previously unheard music from the planet’s four corners, Real World has never ignored Western rock and pop. No-one’s disqualified. And in Akron, Ohio, the label (or, rather Peter Gabriel himself) found Joseph Arthur, a singer-songwriter with high-proof creative juices oozing out of every pore.

2000’s ‘Come To Where I’m From’ was his second album for the label. Co-produced by the mighty T-Bone Burnett, it’s a dense, attractively claustrophobic record, full of delightful contradictions: unnerving and reassuring, raw and yet meticulously compiled.

Put simply, Joe’’s sickeningly talented.
The Independent (2000) (UK)

…this beautiful record …is further proof that the singer-songwriter is alive and inspired….
Mojo (2000) (UK)

…(T-Bone Burnett, take a bow) and boasting a subtle, imaginative stylistic mix, Joseph Arthur is an American original and head’n’shoulders above the likes of Beck.
Uncut (2000) (UK)