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Coming Home




Freedom has a special savour in the mouth of an exile. For Yungchen Lhamo, a singer who fled Tibet nine years ago to make her way in the West, that taste of freedom is ‘Coming Home’. The second release for Real World from the critically acclaimed vocalist is a bold new direction that at the same time renews pledges made to her people, her faith and to those around the world sympathetic to her cause.

That strength is witnessed in the songs on ‘Coming Home’. All written by Yungchen, they share the incantatory qualities of Buddhist prayer and yet take off on graceful flights of their own. Each is steeped in metaphor, layered in symbols spiritual, political and familial.

…spacious epics…
…songs that look down on the vain efforts of rock’s ambient sky-chasers (Eno’s U2 et al) from a very great height.
Time Out (1998) (UK)

…Lhamo is a young Tibetan exile, whose exquisite lamentational voice has so far been heard alone.
Producer Hector Zazou adds the subtlest of textures to complement it. The sense of stillness and endurance is profound.
The Observer (1998) (UK)