Live Blood




Recorded at Hammersmith Apollo, in London, across two nights in March 2011 and released the following year, Live Blood is exactly what its name suggests – the live incarnation of Peter’s New Blood project where he reworked a selection of his back catalogue for a 46-piece orchestra.

The live show was an inevitable next step for such an artistically successful project and these live versions of tracks from New Blood (plus a couple more; Signal To Noise and Biko), are mixed artfully with songs chosen by Peter for his Scratch My Back project.

Brilliantly recorded, Live Blood captures every drop of that live show’s essence – the drama, the darkness, the sense of occasion. A wide palette of emotion is drawn from, while the orchestra change gear and mood without dropping a beat, from the triumphantly skipping Solsbury Hill to the furious maelstrom that concludes The Rhythm Of The Heat. And everything in between.

“As the ‘New Blood’ project evolved, it grew into something different from anything else I’d done or heard, and I really wanted to take it out live on its own terms and not as a support for ‘Scratch’ – which we did.”

The Live Blood Orchestra are conducted by Ben Foster, except for In Your Eyes conducted by John Metcalfe.

Additional vocals by Ane Brun, Melanie Gabriel and Sevara Nazarkhan.

Double CD release.