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And I’ll Scratch Yours


The companion to the critically acclaimed Scratch My Back and the concluding part of a series of song exchanges in which Peter and other leading artists reinterpret each other’s songs. The album is also available as a 2CD set, Scratch My Back / And I’ll Scratch Yours.

If Peter’s record Scratch My Back was the call, this was the response: the sound of his songwriting brethren returning the favour. And there are some devilishly fine reinterpretations of Peter’s creations here.

“… and the idea came, if I could get a song-swap off the ground then it would mean that there would be a dialogue and some relationship with the other writer, so the principle is that if you do one of my songs then I’ll do one of yours… and with some people there’s been no contact and no real discussion and with many of the artists there’s been some dialogue about which song to do and how to do it… but the intention was always that people would do it in their own way.”

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