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Peter Gabriel 4 – Deutsches Album


Deutsches Album is the the German language vocal version of Peter Gabriel’s self-titled fourth solo album.

Peter had wanted to explore recording the album in a different language, so made contact with his then record company to gauge interest:

“I wrote to the French, Italian, German and Spanish labels, saying I wanted to experiment creating a version of my album in another language. The only label to show any interest was the German, hence the choice.

It also gave me a chance to try new mixing and remixing approaches, with some new overdubs and to take another look at the lyrics through the process of translation with Horst Konigstein, with whom I spent a long time going through layers of meaning in the new language – I also insisted on having the German lyrics independently translated back to English.”

Co-produced by Peter and David Lord this is the first album where Peter really immersed himself in the music of distant lands and cultures. It was also his first fully digital recording. These two elements created a deeply effective soldering-together of futurism and generations-old tradition.



Deutsches Album is available on heavyweight LP cut at either 45rpm or 33rpm.

The LP is Half-Speed Remastered and is available as either a 2LP limited edition cut at 45rpm or a standard 1LP version cut at 33rpm. 180g heavyweight vinyl.

In both cases the vinyl was cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering, mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis and overseen by Peter’s main sound engineer Richard Chappell.

The 45rpm 2LP looks amazing with the gatefold sleeve utilising imagery from the original LP inner bag and all images are newly re-scanned from original artwork. Limited edition and numbered – 10,000 worldwide.

The 33rpm 1LP replicates the original vinyl release, again with all newly scanned images.

In both cases the album comes with a download card with a choice of digital download (Hi-Res 24/96k or 16/44.1k).

“It has been heart warming to see the return of vinyl. Even though I loved being free of its limitations in the digital world, there is still a warmth and presence to vinyl that somehow makes it a more natural human companion. It is great to see a new generation learning the secrets of the grooves” – Peter Gabriel

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