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Kude Kukhatshana
Umqoqi Wendaba
Zulu Khayalami
When I Think About You
Fly Away




Released 1 January 1995

Rich, close harmony a capella singing in the Zulu style from Zimbabwe’s young, vibrant eleven-man group.

Imbizo have been together since 1991.  Sharing their interest and passion for music they soon became known in their rural community for their singing and their performances.

The founder member, Majahawodwa Ndlovu, still writes the majority of the material and directs Imbizo’s imbube (a capella) performance.  They say, music is a language which reaches into the heart.  Nothing else on earth can stir emotions or deliver meanings of message as music can.

Imbizo are Ndebele speaking and sing the style of music traditional to their home area of Matabeleland.  Imbube music carries a strength and directness; in times of sadness or of joy, music conveys a message.  It becomes a sentiment, an unnoticed heart beat.

Traditionally the Ndebele people travelled to Zimbabwe from South Africa ruled by their Zulu King.  They have a proud tradition still recognised today and many of the Imbizo songs draw inspiration from Zulu history.

Imbizo and their music continue their journey.  Their imbube evolves and develops, pressing the messages of traditions, Christianity and spirituality forward, blending the past with the present.

Their music continues to mirror the culture of the people – songs written in the townships, danced to at weddings or family parties.  These messages and celebrations are as important to Imbizo and to Majahawodwa Ndlovu as traditional beginnings.

There is a message of change but also of proud beginnings never forgotten, never ignored.  A celebration of the cultural spectrum that reaches the centuries of Zimbabwe.

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