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Grit - Martyn Bennett
Nae Regrets
Ale House
Sky Blue
Mackay's Memoirs


Martyn Bennett


Released 13 October 2003

GRIT – Martyn Bennett’s most extraordinary work and his final project – is a deeply emotional collection of traditional singers, showcased via an avalanche of sounds and beats. Originally released in 2003, this Real World Gold re-issue includes two bonus tracks: Martyn’s remix of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sky Blue’; and ‘Mackay’s Memoirs’, Martyn’s last recorded work, completed the day after he lost his long and valiant battle to cancer at age 33. “This is my story about triumph in the face of struggle. It is a story of the people and songs I grew up with, and most importantly, it is their voices, traditions and the inspiration they have given to be passed on to the next generation.” Martyn Bennett.

* * * * * The pleasures of Grit will always be bittersweet
But it was and remains a remarkable, thrilling and wondrous piece of work …. This CD should be in everybody’s collection.
Songlines Magazine (UK)

…perhaps the most powerful, defiant, deeply emotional album of the year.
Made in the midst of a battle with cancer, Bennett digs deep into the Scottish tradition to sample travellers and Gaelic singers, catapulting them into the modern world with thrilling beats and full-on techno … outstanding.
Mojo (UK)

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