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Junkyard Hearts – Joseph Arthur
The Coldest Sea
This Heart Will Swallow Us
Jumping In With You
Take Me Back Home
Hold On Dear
Marmalade Eyes
Queen Of Brooklyn
Glue Sniffer
Dear Lord
Bill Wilson
Tiny Echoes
Space Needle
Be My Friend
The Termite Song
Favorite Girl (6:11)
Crackerjack Box
Voices Will Fight
Still The Same
In The Middle Of The Night

Junkyard Hearts

Joseph Arthur


Released 30 July 2012

Two years on from Come To Where I’m From – and proving that he’s ever his own man – Joseph released a quartet of EPs (under the collective name of Junkyard Hearts) that were only available on his UK tour of 2002. A decade on, these scarce-as-hen’s-teeth recordings are being reissued in two-CD set, allowing those unable to attend that tour the chance to give some love to these half-forgotten gems. They very much demand your attention – 19 confirmations of a man at the peak of his substantial powers.

Overlooked Gem of 2012
Junkyard Hearts is a compilation of Arthur’s earlier works that were released as four seperate eps back in 2002 and are now unavailable. The result allows us to re-visit these songs and gain a deeper appreciation of just how engaged and creative an artist can be at the peak of his powers. (Online USA)

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