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Live At Real World

The Drummers of Burundi


Exploring the voice has always been an exciting part of the Real World Records catalogue and some outstanding vocal performances come courtesy of musicians from Africa who have recorded for the label.

The Drummers of Burundi Live at Real World features as part of our Voices of Africa campaign where a selection of albums by our African artists can be purchased on CD or LP with a 25% discount by using the code >> realworld25 << at checkout.

There is also an LP bundle available here.

Albums included are:
Les Amazones d’Afrique Republique Amazone CD / LP
Ayub Ogada En Mana Kuoyo CD / LP
Papa Wemba Emotion CD / LP
Geoffrey Oryema Exile CD /LP
Maryam Mursal The Journey CD
Thomas Mapfumo Rise Up CD
The Drummers of Burundi Live at Real World CD

Through the darkness a low rumble intensifies from the back of the stage. Gradually a series of swaying figures glide into view, huge drums balanced on their heads, beating out an insistent rhythm. The sheer power of the drumming fills the hall. One by one, the musicians position their drums in a crescent. A larger ceremonial drum, the inkiranya, provides the focal point to which drummers come leaping forward with gymnastic precision, and strike the drum on its skin with deep booming resonance or beat the side with a harsh clacking. The thunderous sound needs no amplification. The extraordinary intensity and vitality of the performance is an emotional experience that few Western audiences will have ever encountered. As the chief drummer comes forward, he calls to the rest of the musicians- they respond with cheers before the rhythm begins again; Oh children who have sacrificed themselves to the drum! Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready?

Play it loud preferably through the sound system this record deserves……
and embrace what you share with every human on the planet – a pulse, a sense of rhythm and subconscious attraction to the sound of certain words.

Think Africa Press (UK)

…best taken neat, without mixers or chasers.
Q Magazine (UK)

…this is pretty hypnotic stuff…The album succeeds in capturing the aural vitality and excitement of the performance…
Folk Roots  (UK)