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Pole Star



Spiro first met on the Bristol music scene and have been together, their line-up completely unchanged, for over 20 years. In 2009 Spiro signed to Real World Records and went on to release two albums: Lightbox (2009) and Kaleidophonica (2012). It seemed fitting, then, to complete the set and re-issue Pole Star, which originally came out independently in 1997.

Streets ahead of almost anything else around. It’s that good.
Discover what Spiro sounded like all those years ago … Pole Star stands up on its own merits and is still streets ahead of almost anything else around. It’s that good.
fRoots Magazine (UK)

* * * * Pole Star sounds new, original and urgent.
Jane Harbour’s fiddle and Jason Sparkes’ accordion paint a broad canvas; Jon Hunt brushes vigorous figures on it with his guitar, whiles Alex Vann stipples points of pure colour with his mandolin. It is music that’s complex in its emotional engagement: simultaneously calming, exciting, joyful and melancholic.
Songlines Magazine (UK)