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Rain Of Blessings: Vajra Chants – Lama Gyurme & Jean-Philippe Rykiel
Rain Of Blessings
Offering Chant
Medicine Buddha Mantra
Sacred Words Of Liberation
Prayer To Sangye Menla
Chenrezi Pure Land Prayer
Six Syllable Mantra Of The White Lotus Lord
Refuge & Sevenfold Offering
Offering Chant (Unplugged)

Rain of Blessings

Lama Gyurme


Released 6 March 2000

Lama Gyurme was named “Oumze” (Master of Music) during his first 3 years retreat for the simple reason that his voice is an incredibly rich source of sonic beauty.

This unique collaboration with keyboardist/arranger Jean-Philippe Rykiel highlights the transcendental chants as the arrangements encourage the medium for absorbing the healing and purifying nature of the message.

A sublimely satisfying collaboration between a Tibetan monk and a classically trained French keyboardist better known for his work with African artists…
Gyurme’s blissed out chants promote healing, purification and liberation. They float on rafts of shimmering ambient sound constructed from Tibetan percussion, ethereal synthesiser and pensive piano. Vajra Chants instantly dispels cynicism about its inherent ‘noo-age’ hippie cliches. Sit back, relax, this is too good to miss.

HMV Choice (UK)

One of those cross-continental collaborations that Peter Gabriel’s label pulls off on a regular basis.
The results are wonderful: ambient, soothing, inspiring and spiritual. What more do you want?

Time Out (UK)

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