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Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices

Sheila Chandra


Sheila Chandra is the only Asian singer to have had mainstream chart success in the UK in the 1980s. ‘Ever So Lonely’, Monsoon’s Top Ten hit of 1982, and her subsequent five solo albums have been instrumental in introducing new audiences to the sounds of another culture as pop music. Here she explores the musical territories of her spiritual ancestors, drawing upon South Indian, Celtic, Spanish and Muslim influences. The recording concentrates on the purity and emotional intensity of Sheila’s extraordinary voice.

…always sumptuously beautiful.
always sumptuously beautiful. The album unfolds slowly, like a strange and lovely dream. (Online)

…simply beautiful.
While her solo work and early music with Monsoon were daring, Weaving My AncestorsÂ’ Voices goes beyond daring to simply beautiful.
CMJ (1993) (USA)