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Yolele - Papa Wemba
Kel Kweyo - Geoffrey Oryema
Adolat Tanovari - Sevara Nazarkhan
White Swans - Guo Yue
All The Way Home - Bokanté & Metropole Orkest & Jules Buckley
Mansa Soyari - Les Amazones D'Afrique
Taa Deem - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Tara - Yungchen Lhamo
The Sailor's Bonnet - The Gloaming
Inion - Afro Celt Sound System
Kronkronhinko - Ayub Ogada
Dondo - Aurelio
Whole Thing - Big Blue Ball feat. Peter Gabriel
Muziki Asili Yake Wapi - Remmy Ongala & Orchestre Super Matimila
Chi Chi Mani - Toto La Momposina
Calcutta City - Amjad Ali Khan
Mukadzi Wangu - Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited
Nana - Sheila Chandra
Ririwon - Telek


Various Artists


Released 26 July 2019

Launched 30 years ago in 1989, Real World Records has grown into a label of wide-ranging, world-class music from all corners of the globe. There’s an enormous variety of styles, moods and genres within the music catalogue that bears the famous colour bar logo, but they all have these things in common— the quality of the recording, the superb production and music of great passion.

‘When we look back now over our catalogue we realise how lucky we were to be working with so many of the world’s great artists.’ Peter Gabriel

Many of the label’s releases are recorded at Real World Studios where the live interactive spaces provide an environment capable of capturing the excitement and vitality of musicians in performance.

‘Whatever the music, whatever the technology, great records come from great performances.’ Peter Gabriel

Celebrating 30 years of discovery and enlightenment, this window into Real World music traces a path from Tanzania to China, Ireland to Tibet, Colombia to Papua New Guinea. We have chosen tracks that opened our minds and hearts to sounds from all around our planet – an enriching and joyous experience.

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