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Piny Runa Woko
Land Of Anaka
Piri Wango Iya
Ye Ye Ye
Lacan Woto Kumu
Jok Omako Nyako


Geoffrey Oryema


Released 19 April 2017

Politics, particularly the politics of repression, are familiar as raw material for the singer-songwriter, but few have had the experiences that motivate Geoffrey Oryema.

At the age of 24, at the height of Idi Amin’s power and following the death of his father, a prominent government minister, in a mysterious car accident, Oryema had to be smuggled across the border in the trunk of a car, thus beginning a life in exile. This exiled existence has been the theme of many of his songs.

Today, his songs keep alive the languages and folklore of his youth when he was surrounded by a close-knit family of singers, dancers and musicians. Geoffrey is accompanied by Peter Gabriel on backing vocals and  Brian Eno as producer and on keyboards.

Available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1990, the album also comes with a16bit CD quality digital download card.


Exile is a wistful reflection on the Uganda of Geoffrey Oryema’s youth…
… remembered through Swahili and Acholi folk songs … Oryema’s pain is pure sadness, with his voice and his primary instruments – the lukeme (a thumb piano) and the nanga (an eight stringed harp).
Think Africa Press (UK)

Exile showcases the musical politics of a gentle man.
The Beat (1991) (USA)

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