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Shahen-Shah / Mustt Mustt LPs

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Released 28 July 2017

The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is today acknowledged as the great master of Qawwali who popularised this beautiful and inspirational music beyond Muslim peoples to a worldwide audience and into a whole new musical territory.

This vinyl bundle contains two classic Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan albums from the Real World Records catalogue.

Mustt Mustt shows Nusrat’s willingness to experiment with his music – to strive for new ideas and to listen to new styles – and to create more contemporary albums that could sit alongside the traditional collection. Around the time this album was released, 1990, the Asian younger generation didn’t bother with Qawwali – it bored them and was too slow. They wanted faster beats. ‘I made my own style.‘ said Nusrat, ‘We update Qawwali with the times.

This, however, didn’t mean Nusrat would stick entirely to modern techniques and the album Shahen-Shah is a more traditional record where every vocal performance is utterly captivating.

Both albums come with a digital download card for 16bit CD quality files

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