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The Ballad of Boogie Christ - Joseph Arthur
Currency of Love
Saint of Impossible Causes
The Ballad of Boogie Christ
I Used to Know How to Walk on Water
Wait For Your Lights
I Miss the Zoo
It's OK to be Young/Gone
Still Life Honey Rose
Black Flowers
King of Cleveland
Famous Friends Along the Coast
All the Old Heroes
Blue Lights In The Rear View
Maybe Yes
I Am The Witness
Travel As Equals
Holding The Void
Missy Baba
Akron Skies
Junkies and Limousines
We Began To Dance Again
Whisper Of Whispers
House Of Your Love
In The City There Is Grace

The Ballad of Boogie Christ: 1&2

Joseph Arthur


Released 9 September 2013

“The Ballad of Boogie Christ is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It’s a big production featuring horns and brass and living legends like Garth Hudson, Ben Harper, Jim Keltner, Joan Wasser and many others. I can’t wait for you to hear it. This is the one I’ve been waiting for years to put out.” Joseph Arthur

Joseph Arthur returned to Real World Records to release The Ballad of Boogie Christ – a new high point in his critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated career that has spanned nine full-length albums and 11 EPs.

Weaves beautiful narratives in and out of folksy numbers and rock songs…
…adding a layered palette of horn solos and soulful back-up singers. Listen to the whole album in one sitting, and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled a long journey with the 41-year-old singer-one that leads you from addiction, to recovery, to making amends and affirming friends, and, finally, to the light at the end of that long, dark tunnel.” (USA)

Rock and folk melodies meet a touch of soul and psychedelia…
…in the service of his candid tenor and lyrics peering into a psyche in communication with despair, desolation and doubt but nonetheless, open, engaged, uncowed, and, Arthur hopes, with a sense of fun intact.
Billboard (USA)

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