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Adios Fulana (Amen Style RSD)
Adios Fulana (Bristol Dub RSD)
Adios Fulana (Bogotá Dub Sidestepper)
Adios Fulana

The Garabato Sessions

Totó La Momposina


Released 2 December 2016

Three new remixes of the classic Totó La Momposina track “Adios Fulana”.

Two from Bristol DJ, musician and remixer, Rob Smith (RSD), best known for making and playing breakbeat, drum & bass and dubstep, and as half of the duo Smith & Mighty (with Ray Mighty).

One remix from Sidestepper’s Richard Blair, who retains the earthy Colombian sound of the traditional African-influenced drums and adds his own dub twist.

Limited edition 12” vinyl

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