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Amazine (Intro)
Amazine (Moonlight)
Itij (Intro)
Itij (The Sun)
Kif-kif (Either Way)
Asiram (Hope)
Svar (Patience)
Adhou (Intro)
Adhou (The Wind)
Inas (The Message)
Tharguith (The Dream)
Ayen (Why)
Ayema-yema (Oh My Mother)
Thamziw (Intro)
Thamziw (My Youth)

Among Brothers



Released 5 May 2003

Abdelli journeyed for three years over four continents to create this album: Cape Verde to Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso and Belgium. Abdelli’s beautiful, heart-rending Berber songs come together with the extraordinary musicians they encountered on their route.

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