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The Appearance of Colour



“This is my most rigorous album to date. It’s music of big contrasts but sonically unified with the intention to create a complete album with an intense emotional arc”.
John Metcalfe

Composer, producer, classical violist, guitarist, and arranger to A-list pop stars, John Metcalfe has always been a name worth seeking out. The Appearance of Colour presents Metcalfe as a recording artist — as front man, maestro and manipulator of sounds. Moreover it’s a ‘proper’ album, carefully crafted as a listening experience with a beginning, middle and end, in which no two tracks sound or feel the same.

It’s hard not to think that now may be a good time for Metcalfe to move away from the musical shadows to a more prominent position, where his own compositions get the exposure and attention they deserve. * * * *
Music OMH (UK)

Many reasons exist to compare John Metcalfe’s forth album to Jóhann Jóannsson’s IBM 1401, A User’s Manual… But there’s much more here. 8/10
Uncut Magazine (UK)


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