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Volume 2: Release



“Volume 2 : Release” is the realisation of a year spent writing collectively. It’s been a difficult time – a period of traumatic realignment after the unexpected death of keyboard player Jo Bruce – but, after much soul searching, the band emerged to produce a dynamic and emotionally charged album that was destined to become one of the year’s landmarks.

Simon Emmerson and Martin Russell’s multi-layered production has many hidden depths, bringing out the delicacy of the acoustic instruments – harp, kora, talking drum, bodhran, djembe, whistle, guitar, Gaelic and African vocals – but placing them in a totally immersive Pan European context.

It’s like a hurricane let loose…
…the spontaneity, the mix of ancient and modern, the black and white, the fluidity and breathless glee.
Q Magazine (1999) (UK)