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It was 1996 when Afro Celt Sound System first assaulted our senses with their innovative fusion of West African rhythms, Irish traditional music and cutting-edge dance grooves. Since then, there have been many lesser imitators and the global beat movement they pioneered has entered the mainstream.

Recorded and produced in their own studio in Islington (once owned by Pink Floyd), this is an album that marks a new departure for Afro Celt Sound System in a journey which began when they came together at a Real World recording week in 1995 to make their ground-breaking debut, Volume One: Sound Magic. More organic with greater emphasis on real instruments and songcraft and with less reliance on programmed beats and grooves than before, 'Seed', their fourth album, was released in 2003.

The Afro Celts leave the emphasis on programmed beats and grooves to their scores of imitators and capitalise on their stellar reputation as one of world music’s-and, it must be said, the world’s-top live acts…Probably one of the albums of the year.’
Songlines (UK)

Seed has a gentler laid-back feel, the soothing voice of sean nos singer Iarla O Lionaird as always an outstanding feature.
What's On (UK)

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