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new blood book

New Blood Live In London Deluxe Edition Book


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Product Description

This book contains New Blood Live In London DVD and Blu-ray, New Blood (studio album), Live Blood (highlights recorded at the New Blood Live In London show), housed in a 60-page hardback photobook.

New Blood’s journey started almost three years prior to the release, when Peter Gabriel began working with John Metcalfe on Peter’s original orchestral project, Scratch My Back, where he covered others’ songs to a symphonic accompaniment. The successful marriage between Peter’s voice, John and Peter’s arrangements and the brilliance of the orchestra led to rapturously received live shows. These then precipitated the New Blood record, which itself begat the New Blood Live In London shows, and the resulting films.

This Deluxe Book is a visual and musical document to that project. Opening with an introduction written by Peter, the beautifully presented book features over 200 photographs taken by Real World photographer, York Tillyer, with a contribution from Italian photographer, Armando Gallo. With access to all the recording and mixing sessions, the rehearsals, the shows and behind the scenes, York has created a unique collection of images, giving a fascinating insight into the New Blood project, from start to finish.