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Originally released in August 2009 via Welsh label Sain, 9Bach’s highly original and groundbreaking first album received four-star reviews from the likes of The Guardian and Uncut Magazine. Unavailable to purchase for many years, 9Bach consists of traditional Welsh Folk songs encompassing such timeless topics as death, heartache and lost love, with musical arrangements completely different from how they had been approached before.

The combination of live harp and guitar accompanying ethereal voices and dubby beats takes you in to the North Wales landscape, on an emotional rollercoaster as the heart and soul of each story is revealed through compelling and exquisitely sung narrative.

The 9Bach 10th Anniversary edition will feature new artwork and two bonus tracks. In keeping with the original album, these are new recordings of traditional Welsh folk songs. The first of these harks back to 9Bach’s roots, with an a cappella version of ‘Trafaeliais Y Byd Cân I AJ’. The arrangement of the second track, ‘Cân Dai’r Cantwr’, is electronic, potentially pointing to the band’s future direction.

Track List

1. Bwthyn Fy Nain
2. C'weiriwch Fy Ngwely
3. Mae Nhw'n Dwedyd
4. Yr Eneth Gadd Ei Gwrthod
5. Llongau Caernarfon
6. Cariad Cyntaf
7. Pontypridd
8. Gwydr Glas
9. Gwydr Glas
10. Lisa Lân
11. Cân Dai'r Cantwr
12. Trafaeliais Y Byd - Cân i AJ

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