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ABoneCroneDrone (Reissue)

ABoneCroneDrone (Reissue)

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ABoneCroneDrone is Sheila Chandra’s most radically experimental solo voice work and the closing chapter of her trilogy of albums for Real World.These re-issues provide a chance for listeners to (re)discover the work of Shelia Chandra, one of the most original and trailblazing artists of her generation.

Six tracks of pure voice and drone, playing as a seamless suite of encompassing ambience and whispered vocals hinting at the worlds within them, ABoneCroneDrone gives voice to Chandra’s creative world, viewed through the harmonics of the drone. It is a listening experience that attunes us not only to the music contained within the record but to the music of the world around us. A startlingly original examination of the usually taken-for-granted
drone itself.

All formats have updated artwork, including new sleeve notes. Cherry coloured vinyl.

For Sheila Chandra, the power of the drone holds no limits.

A kind of somnambulistic heaven… a quiet kind of beauty
Q Magazine

The final part of her trilogy, she’s produced her bravest album yet.
The Guardian

Chandra has created the DIY album, but you can only get out of it as much as you’re prepared to put in. It’ll leave you speechless.

Entrancing: simultaneously eerie and soothing, ancient and modern.
The Daily Telegraph

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