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Abri Cyclonique

Abri Cyclonique

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In the tropical Caribbean forest a river runs, the streaming water drowning out the rustling of leaves, the pulse of insects and the birds’ cry. The song of a man, more powerful than that of the waters, rises to the tops of the ancient trees. Polobi, balanced on a rock, launches a melody towards the infinity of the sky.

Drawing inspiration from the heart of the tropical forest, the mystical character of Polobi and his musicians collaborate with idiosyncratic producer Doctor L (Les Amazones d’Afrique, Mbongwana Star), forging a radical new take on the Gwo Ka musical tradition from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. An electro-acoustic palette and offbeat rhythms adorn these deeply rooted Creole songs with a unique sound universe.

Track List

1. Kawmélito
2. Mendémélé
3. Zion
4. Driv
5. La Lézad
6. Nèg Africa
7. Camargo
8. Okipayason
9. Ojéliya
10. Léono
11. Bouladjel
12. On Jan Padjanbel
13. Levé Yo Mano

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