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Anian is a Welsh word meaning nature, the natural order, natural morality, the natural world, creation. What you are made of, your soul and bones, and how you connect with other people.

The double-CD package includes the unique companion piece Yn dy lais / In your voice, wherein writers, actors, poets, and singers - Peter Gabriel, Maxine Peake and Rhys Ifans among them - give their own interpretations of the songs as a way to convey their meanings to a non-Welsh speaking audience.

Their previous album, 2014 Tincian, looked back to the hardships of rural life in north Wales, this majestically does away with any hankering for the past. Hell - if they were Scandinavians they would be selling out arenas very soon.

It's an ambitious and involving set that pushes boundaries and opens the door to dark, passionate mediations on nature, human nature and the world that lies strewn between them.
Songlines Magazine

Track List

1. Llyn Du
2. Anian
3. Yr Olaf
4. Ifan
5. Si Hwi Hwi
6. Cyfaddefa
7. Brain
8. Heno
9. Deryn
10. Ambell Hiraeth
11. Breuddwd y Bard

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