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Celebrating 30 years at the heart of Garifuna Music
A beautifully presented 24-page hardback CD book with extended sleevenotes, archive photographs and illustrations.

Darandi is a collection of favourite songs from Aurelio’s career, recorded at Real World Studios to capture the unfiltered sound of his incendiary live performances. Accompanied by some of the Garifuna world’s brightest musical talents, Aurelio packed the whole band and their gear into a single room. “We got into a zone where we felt like we were in our own community, playing Garifuna music for our people. It was a special feeling,” says Aurelio.

Track List

1. Dondo
2. Yalifu
3. Yange
4. Laru Beya
5. Sielpa
6. Dugu
7. Sananaru
8. Landini
9. Funa Tugudirugu
10. Narigolu
11. Lumalali Limaniga
12. Naguya Nei

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