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Land of My Other

Land of My Other

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Land Of My Other is a place of memories and melodies, lyricism and lore. A place of sunlight, faerie-tales and rowan trees; of grief, incarceration and thunder in darkness. A place where ancestral trauma and colonial injustice meet blazing pride, romantic self-rule and hands held in a circle in the sea.

Where songs are sung with feeling, instruments are everywhere and music lives deep in the bones.

Land of My Other. The third studio album by The Breath.

Produced by renowned composer/pianist Thomas Bartlett, and with the wildly acclaimed duo that is singer Ríoghnach > Connolly and guitarist Stuart McCallum at its core, it’s a project that grabs you by the scruff from the off.

Ten original tracks. Raw, gorgeous, acoustic-minded music. Synths and effects so subtle they might be invisible. Negative space created, shaded, created again. Lyrics with meaning, power and an often terrible beauty. Songs that tell stories in ways that soothe, thrill and hit like a sucker punch.

An album about a political landscape. About family, childhood, motherhood.

About a girl who misses her dad.

Track List

1. Don't Rush It
2. Little One
3. Land of My Other
4. Burning Away
5. Cliona's Wave
6. Remembering the Flood
7. Head Down
8. Letters from Long Kesh
9. Without You In It
10. Every Time It Comes Around

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