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Live at the NCH

Live at the NCH

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In March 2018, The Gloaming played seven sold-out shows at Dublin's National Concert Hall. To mark this occasion, they released Live at the NCH, a live album recorded at the venue which has become their home from home.

In recent years, The Gloaming have truly become a live force to be reckoned with. The annual NCH residencies have each sold out quicker than the previous one and faster than new shows can be added. Away from home, their international touring schedule has been equally impressive, including such notable nights out as the Ceiliúradh at London's Royal Albert Hall (a celebration of the Irish president's first-ever state visit to Britain), Sydney's Opera House, New York's Lincoln Center, Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie, Mexico City's Teatro de la Ciudad, and Philharmonie de Paris.

To put Live at the NCH together Thomas Bartlett, the band's producer, sifted through two years of performances and settled on six tracks: 'The Booley House', 'Cucanandy', 'The Sailor's Bonnet', 'The Pilgrim's Song', 'The Rolling Wave' and 'Fáinleog'. Using the studio recordings only as points of departure, these performances stretch out and roam in unexpected new directions, incorporating new tunes and rearranging old ones, filled with the excitement and delight of five master musicians coming together as one.

The Gloaming concert experience consistently raises the roof and leaves audiences breathless. This band of trailblazers take contemporary Irish music into hitherto unchartered waters, enhancing the traditional rich, melancholic tones with modern hues of jazz, contemporary classical, chamber, post rock and experimental music.

The LP format, released on 6 April 2018, is a double LP pressed on 150g vinyl and contains a code to also download the hi-resolution audio.

Vinyl side split:
Side A
The Booley House (Live)
Cucanandy (Live)
Side B
The Sailor's Bonnet (Live)
Side C
The Pilgrim's Song (Live)
The Rolling Wave (Live)
Side D
Fáinleog (Live)

Track List

1. The Booley House (Live)
2. Cucanandy (Live)
3. The Sailor's Bonnet (Live)
4. The Pilgrim's Song (Live)
5. The Rolling Wave (Live)
6. Fáinleog (Live)

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