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Long Walk Home

Long Walk Home

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Written and produced by Peter, the album is the end result of two years work with the film’s director Phillip Noyce and brings together a multitude of different musical origins, cultures, instruments and vocalists.

“It was a small, independent heart project Phillip Noyce was working on and I thought the story was really strong. It was going to be an open canvas without huge amounts of dialogue and with a lot of room for atmospheric music, so it was attractive to me in many ways."

"... the mastering is extraordinary, the sound incredible, truly putting many of the other releases this month, however good the music, into sonic perspective." - The Arts Desk

"For him , soundtracks have always been epic projects, which he can dive into and paddle around in for years. Often he'd spend more time on them than on his multi-million-selling albums, meeting collaborators and developing methodologies that would have a profound effect on the rest of his music." - 8/10 Reissue of the Month, Uncut Magazine.

"There's something very different about these three vinyl reissues of Peter Gabriel's movie soundtracks. Because the fact is you might actually play them an revel in their expanded artwork... is less immediate but still absorbing music..." - 9/10 Long Live Vinyl

Track List

1. Jigalong
2. Stealing The Children
3. Unlocking The Door
4. The Tracker
5. Running To The Rain
6. On The Map
7. A Sense Of Home
8. Go Away Mr Evans
9. Moodoo's Secret
10. Gracie's Recapture
11. Crossing The Salt Pan
12. The Return (Parts 1, 2 and 3)
13. Ngankarrparni (Sky Blue - Reprise)
14. The Rabbit-Proof Fence
15. Cloudless

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