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Music, Food and Love

Music, Food and Love

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In 2006, Guo Yue released Music, Food and Love, a musical companion to his book of the same name. Both book and album offer an evocative journey through Guo Yue’s remarkable life —from his early years in The Hutongs of North-East Beijing, through the 1966 Cultural Revolution that exploded when he was just eight years old, to his 1982 departure for London and his vivid, bittersweet memories of his recent visits back to China. Produced by Richard Evans, the album was recorded in Beijing, Bath, and Budapest.

Track List

1. The Hutongs
2. Dragonfly
3. A Dark Red Violin
4. White Swans
5. Paper Boat
6. White Kite
7. My First Flute
8. Ai (Love)
9. Su Lin
10. Swallow
11. The Little Bird Must Fly

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