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Peter Gabriel (Scratch) - Fine Art Print

Peter Gabriel (Scratch) - Fine Art Print

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This print is available in two sizes:
25.5" x 34" paper size, where the image size is 19" x 19"
40" x 50" paper size, where the image size is 28" x 28"
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Design company Hipgnosis had many obsessive themes in their work. One recurring theme was the 2D/3D concept, i.e. suggesting a 3D component to an essentially 2D event. Here, Peter is thrusting his hands out of the picture and back onto the photo surface, scratching it into strips.

The photo, by Hipgnosis photographer Peter Christopherson, was taken down town in New York on a cold and windy day, a couple of blocks away from where Peter would later buy an apartment.

“The artwork was done with Hipgnosis. We did this in New York and it was cold and snowy. Storm had the idea of the nails tearing away at the paper of the image.” - Peter Gabriel

Hipgnosis simply glued strips of torn paper on to the original monotone image and used Tippex to ‘tart up the joins’. Thirty one years after its creation the original artwork was resurrected from the archives and put into the tender care of master printer Adrian Lack at Senecio Press in Oxfordshire. The resulting giclée prints were then taken to Storm’s house in Hampstead and signed on his dining room table.

Storm Thorgerson (born 1944) is an English graphic designer, known for his work for rock bands including Pink Floyd, 10cc, Muse, Genesis and Peter Gabriel. He was a key member of the British graphic art group Hipgnosis with Aubrey ‘Po’ Powell, and designed many of their most famous single and album covers. Perhaps Storm’s most famous design is for The Dark Side of the Moon, which has been called one of the greatest album covers of all time.

Hipgnosis went on to create hundreds of classic album covers over the next fifteen years. Peter Gabriel was one of their favourite clients and commissioned them to create the art for his first three solo albums all titled Peter Gabriel and known by fans as Car, Scratch and Melt.

Recorded between November 1977 and February 1978 in Hilvarenbeek, Holland and New York City. Produced by Robert Fripp (King Crimson). Released 1st June 1978.

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