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Pod is a personal collection of some of the very best remixes from the Afro Celt Sound System's career to 2004. The album also showcases previously unreleased material, and reinvents old classics with a driving new rhythm section.

It's a sleek, sophisticated and very worldly dance record.
While the Afro-Celts have wandered to nearly every continent to scoop up sounds for their trademark fusion, the band has always called electronica home. So a disc of remixes by band members and friends (plus a bonus DVD of videos and live concert footage) seems inevitable. Joined by such vocalists as Sinéad O'Connor and Peter Gabriel, the band rambles around the world, from the gospel-tinged inspirational anthem "Rise Above" and the viscerally propulsive African drum beats of "Full Moon Low" to the Irish reels of "Whirly 3" and the lushly Bollywood-esque strings of "Lagan." World music purists won't be necessarily pleased, but this album isn't for them: It's a sleek, sophisticated and very worldly dance record. "Pod" clocks in at 70 minutes, however, which is a bit too long a trip for all but the most committed fans.—
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