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Pole Star

Pole Star

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Spiro first met on the Bristol music scene and have been together, their line-up completely unchanged, for over 20 years. In 2009 Spiro signed to Real World Records and went on to release two albums: Lightbox (2009) and Kaleidophonica (2012). It seemed fitting, then, to complete the set and re-issue Pole Star, which originally came out independently in 1997.

Streets ahead of almost anything else around. It's that good.
Discover what Spiro sounded like all those years ago ... Pole Star stands up on its own merits and is still streets ahead of almost anything else around. It's that good.
fRoots Magazine (UK)

* * * * Pole Star sounds new, original and urgent.
Jane Harbour's fiddle and Jason Sparkes' accordion paint a broad canvas; Jon Hunt brushes vigorous figures on it with his guitar, whiles Alex Vann stipples points of pure colour with his mandolin. It is music that's complex in its emotional engagement: simultaneously calming, exciting, joyful and melancholic.
Songlines Magazine (UK)

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