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Rama Sreerama

Rama Sreerama

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Available for the first time on vinyl

An exquisite album of traditional Carnatic music, recorded during a candlelit live performance at Real World Studios.

U. Srinivas took the mandolin, an instrument previously unknown in India, to unique classical heights. He became known and respected for the strong sense of spirituality and breath-taking virtuosity of his playing.

A child prodigy whose first public performance was at the age of nine, by the time he was 30
U. Srinivas had become a major international musical figure who often expressed his desire to make the mandolin an integral part of his beloved Carnatic music.

Uppalapu Srinivas – also known as “Mandolin” Srinivas or U. Srinivas
1969 – 2014

“Open-heart ecstasy. Brilliant!”

“Classical but alive; breathing, ancient and still evolving”
The Guardian

“.. a level of artistry you don’t see too much of these days”
Time Out

Track List

1. Gajavadhana
2. Maryaadakadaya
3. Saranambhava Karuna
4. Rama Sreerama (Ragam, Thanam, Pallavi) & Ragamalika (part one)
5. Rama Sreerama (Ragam, Thanam, Pallavi) & Ragamalika (part two)
6. Ganamurthy
7. Kaliyugavaradana

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