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Redemption’s Son

Redemption’s Son

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Upon it’s original release in 2002, the album received rave reviews on both sides of the pond:

“Joseph Arthur's brilliant third album proves he was worth the wait
'Redemption's Son exhibits the sure sign of a classic album. The best songs are not nervously loaded at the front. Some of the real gems - the slow, creepy Permission, the unbearably beautiful Favorite Girl and the irresistibly poppy In The Night - emerge nearly an hour into the album." - The Times (UK)

“2000's Come To Where I'm From was a near masterpiece. This time round, Grammy-bagging mixer Tchad Blake has replaced T-Bone Burnett as producer and brought added intimacy without sacrificing dreamy magnetism... Arthur's vocals as much soothing balm as quiet venom. Blake's deft touch makes bedfellows of gentle acoustic guitar and gliding strings - I Would Rather Hide and Termite Song are stunning... If there's really a God, the Super Furries-goosing-up-Cockney Rebel wizardry of In The Night ought to be the FM smash of the summer.” - Uncut (UK)

“In the current pop singer-songwriter renaissance, Arthur's art stands out as the most emotionally naked and musically ambitious.” - Entertainment Weekly (US)

Track List

1. Redemption's Son
2. Honey And The Moon
3. You Could Be In Jail
4. I Would Rather Hide
5. Innocent World
6. September Baby
7. Nation Of Slaves
8. Evidence
9. Buy A Bag
10. Termite Song
11. Permission
12. Favorite Girl
13. You Are The Dark
14. In The Night
15. Blue Lips
16. You've Been Loved
17. Ghost
18. Downtown
19. Pictures Of A Life
20. Forgive Your Heart
21. Afraid To Feel
22. Cracking Heart
23. Secret Ghost
24. Cinderella Under Glass
25. Morning Star

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