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Sen – which means ‘you’ in Uzbek – sees the irrepressible, ever curious artist Sevara Nazarkhan leaping boldly into contemporary writing and production. This is the album she has always wanted to make: a looping, shimmering, beats-laden gem underscored by traditional instrumentation and Uzbek-language lyrics provided by past and present Uzbek poets.

Track List

1. Korgim Kelar (I Want To See You)
2. Bu Sevgi (This Love)
3. Erkalab (Caress)
4. Kunlarim Sensiz (My Days Without You)
5. Sen (You)
6. Bakhtimdan
7. Kuigai (Ablaze)
8. Ne Kechar
9. Kuyoshga
10. Tushim (My Dream)
11. Debochadan (Prelude)

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