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Let go. Fall in. Follow the spiral, and find your centre. Move and whirl, headbang and hair whip, into a place that is out there and deep within, an altered state where minds open, boundaries fall away and trust – in values, principles, ourselves – is rediscovered, made real.

Welcome, then, to the world of Swaken, the wildly anticipated sophomore album by French-Moroccan power quartet, Bab L’Bluz. Recorded at Real World Studios in Wiltshire, England, written partly in Morocco – the birthplace of frontwoman Yousra Mansour – and mostly across a world tour that has torn up venues and festivals from Adelaide, Barcelona and New York to Essaouira in Morocco, Lomé in Togo and Dougga in Tunisia, its eleven tracks spark and pulse with kinetic, pedal-to-the-metal energy.

LP is blue vinyl

Track List

1. Imazighen 2. Wahia Wahia 3. Zaino 4. AmmA 5. Bangoro 6. IWAIWA FUNK 7. Ya Leilo 8. Hezalli 9. Karma 10. Li Maana 11. Mouja

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