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The Vapourer

The Vapourer

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Six-track mini album of Moog synthesizer mixes by Adrian Utley (Portishead) - which transport Spiro's music to an ethereal place somewhere between Sci-Fi, Bach and Kraftwerk - plus a new recording and three dazzling live tracks.

For those already familiar with Spiro's thoroughly modernist take on generations-old English tunes, The Vapourer presents something a little different, spotlighting this highly unique quartet's approach to music making.

New tracks give sideways looks at West Country folk minimalists
First comes a new track, with their characteristic traded patterns, Like Terry Riley performed by Fairport Convention. Then two of their tunes are arranged for antique Moog synthesisers by Portishead's Adrian Utley, making the same material sound like lost Tangerine Dream; finally, three live numbers from Spiro, with an extra edge of energy in performance.

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