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Tincian is 9Bach's second album and winner of Best Album at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015. Building on almost ambient sound pictures, Tincian is solidly rooted in the mountainous mining landscape of the band's native north Wales - its hardness and beauty, its ever-changing moods, and the rugged perseverance and solidarity of the people who toil there. The songs are all stories - some autobiographical, others true tales, and some imaginary: songs of the slaving quarry men; of strong and stoic women; of lost children; of nature; of family, and of love. Guitar, percussion, Welsh harp, harmonium and striking guest vocals by Wales' Penrhyn Male Voice Choir and Australia's Lou Bennett and Shellie Morris of the Black Arm Band Company contribute to the nuanced moods. 9Bach’s crystalline sound is an atmospheric, evocative and emotional hybrid of folk tradition and contemporary influences.

**** Easily the best Welsh language record since the Super Furry Animals' Mwng.
Q Magazine (UK)

9Bach reflect on their folk traditions with something of a modernist's or internationalist's perspective, and remain unique in Welsh folk music.
Songlines (UK)

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