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Up - Fine Art Print

Up - Fine Art Print

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This print is available in two sizes:
25.5" x 34" paper size, where the image size is 19" x 19"
40" x 50" paper size, where the image size is 28" x 28"
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Photographed by Susan Derges at her studio in Devon, England, a blurred portrait of Peter faces the viewer directly; his image is reflected and contorted over and over in water droplets, which are literally frozen in mid-air using a strobe light.

“An image is always the briefest, frozen moment of a continuous stream of events, and mysteriously we somehow always make them what they are to us. So when Peter came to the studio to record the cover image and we started to play with this musical jet of vibrating water, the unexpected and magical happened. Droplets captured images of his face, splashed across the palm of his hand and I seem to remember at one point a fire eating sequence that was fairly crazy but not as good as the portrait we ended up with and the hand that we also used on the album was an inspired moment just before he left the studio. It was a good day”. Susan Derges, recollecting a day with Peter and making the cover image of UP.

Susan Derges was born in London in 1955. She studied painting at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and at the Slade School of Art. She then turned to photography, exploring in particular early photographic techniques of camera less photography - exposing images directly onto photographic paper - techniques she has continued to develop.

UP fills several years and spans several continents. Most of the recording and mixing was done at Real World Studios although some initial recording was done in Senegal, France and on a boat on the Amazon. Released in 2002.

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