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Visions al 2ard

Visions al 2ard

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The electronic music of French duo Leïla Jiqqir and Romain Henry — a.k.a. TAXI KEBAB — reveals influences of krautrock, psyche and techno, all the while haunted by the specter of Leïla’s North African roots. Reclaiming her Moroccan father’s Darija language, it’s through a liberating poetic register that her voice interacts with the acid arpeggios and rippling layers of Romain Henry’s experiments with machines.

On their debut EP Visions al 2ard (‘Visions of the Land’), synthesizers, drum machines, modulated guitars and amplified buzuq collide as TAXI KEBAB venture on a night ride through the Moroccan countryside, unveiling their self-described ‘psyché désoriental’ sound.

Track List

1. Ardina
2. Wana
3. Leyla
4. L3alam Ya7tariq
5. Nebniw el Ghad f dlam

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