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Volume 1 - Sound Magic

Volume 1 - Sound Magic

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The sound of the past transforming into the future.

Sound Magic, was released on 15 July 1996, and was the first fruit of a collaboration between a group of the finest African musicians, their counterparts from the Celtic communities of western Europe and several of Britain's most respected dance music producers.

Produced by Simon Emmerson, the Grammy-nominated producer behind Senegalese singer Baaba Maal's albums Firin In Fouta and Lam Toro (both of which featured contributions from Celtic musicians), Sound Magic is the brainchild of Emmerson and Jamie Reid, the artist responsible for the original Sex Pistols' record sleeves.

... Hearing is believing.
Moorish calls to prayer infused with the soft air of western Ireland, floating African whispers which build into whirling dervish Celtic jigs ... Hearing is believing.
Mojo (1996) (UK) a different class...
Producer Simon Emmerson’s entwining of Celtic and Senegalese traditions is in a different class, setting dazzling musicianship against daring productions...Thrilling stuff.
The Observer (1996) (UK)

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