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Weaving My Ancestors' Voices (Reissue)

Weaving My Ancestors' Voices (Reissue)

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Pioneering Asian singer Sheila Chandra explores the territories of her spiritual ancestors. An intensely beautiful album celebrating the first and ultimate instrument – the voice.

The re-issue of Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices (alongside The Zen Kiss and ABoneCroneDrone) provide a chance for listeners to (re)discover the work of Shelia Chandra, one of the most original and trailblazing artists of her generation.

Available on CD and LP, and comes with updated artwork and new sleeve notes. Blue coloured vinyl.

Sheila Chandra’s 1992 debut album for Real World, Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices begins a trilogy that cements her as one of the most accomplished musicians of her generation. Chandra finds the common ground between vocal traditions, to embody the timelessness of the human voice. With this one ubiquitous instrument, she proves to us both the universality of its capacity to express human emotion and the uniqueness of her personal vision. Her self-expression has the capacity to move listeners as much now, and long into the future, just as radically as it did upon its first release.

Track List

1. Speaking in Tongues I
2. Dhyana and Donalogue
3. Nana
4. The Dreaming
5. Ever So Lonely / Eyes / Ocean
6. The Enchantment
7. The Call
8. Bhajan
9. Speaking in Tongues II
10. Sacred Stones
11. Om Namaha Shiva

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