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Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow

Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow

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Spiro: "Dazzling", "magnificent", "intense and minimal", "soulful", "passionate", "breathtakingly moving" - this unique Bristol-based acoustic four-piece are celebrated for the beauty of their interlocking, intricate musical patterns. Like whirlpools, they suck you in to a compelling, complex minimalism and you're swept away in an irresistible river of sound. And just when you think it can't get any better, with each release Spiro up their game.

This is a subtle but exhilarating band. A jaunty and atmospheric workout that constantly changes mood and pace. * * * *
The Guardian (UK)

Intense sweeping instrumentals dominated by Jane Harbour's stellar violin playing, conjuring visions of drifting landscapes. Without doubt, it's music of rare beauty.
Acoustic Magazine (UK)

There are virtuosity, extraordinary group playing and dynamics on show, wedded to a strong musical vision and a sense of what instrumental composition can achieve.
fRoots (UK)

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