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Yol Bolsin

Yol Bolsin

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Sevara's acclaimed 2002 debut Yol Bolsin ('Where Are You Going') is a collection of traditional, folk and peasant songs from Uzbekistan, a country that formally broke with the Soviet Union in 1991 and has worked hard to reassert its rich cultural identity ever since. Music is a priority: imbued with echoes of Persian classical music and the meditational Sufi tradition, traditional Uzbek music takes the form of age-old poetic songs called maqams. Many such maqams are as well-known in Uzbekistan as those of the country's now booming - and gloriously cheesy - pop industry. Within which, coincidentally, Sevara Nazarkhan happens to be a major player.

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Low key at the time of it's release a year ago, this has become one of the must-have world albums of the year. The reviews were fantastic and winning the BBC Radio Three Award for Asia is a wonderful recognition of this slow-burn success.
Music Week (UK)

...Nazarkhan is possessed of a ravishing voice...
It's exceptionally soothing and beautiful.
Word (UK)

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